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PEST-APP Scheduler is amazing for small, medium and large pest control businesses looking for the best pest control software available. Wouldn’t it be nice to easily see your technician’s activity and easily book new jobs, all from the one screen? By utilising PEST-APP’s mobility features, your technicians will be able to receive and complete jobs and reports anywhere in the world, at any time.

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Wouldn’t it be nice if  all your jobs and customer information was linked? With PEST-APP it is! By keeping your job history and customer history in one place, we are certain that you’re Pest Control Business will never lose paper work again. PEST-APP’s Pest control software package allows you to view, print and/or send your invoices, statements, reports and job notes quickly and easily.

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PEST-APP Job allocation screen Pest Control Software on a mac pro

Report Writer

Generate Reports Instantly

Imagine if you could generate reports in a matter of minutes, wouldn’t that be nice? With PEST-APP this is a reality! Enable your technicians to complete their inspection or service reports quicker than ever before. Techs will no longer spend time travelling to and from the office dropping off their reports, they are sent back instantly! Making your pest control business more productive. The PEST-APP Report Writer lets you generate any inspection or service report that you require from the office. We have the most common reports on file, ready for your pest control business to use!


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Report Photos

Photos on reports are so important, wouldn’t you agree? Making sure your customers know exactly where the problem areas are by adding photos into your reports with PEST-APP Report Writer. Not only will this impress your clients, but it will help your clients understand your reports a lot better. PEST-APP takes it to the next level though step beyond and outline exactly what’s wrong by annotating the image on the tablet as you take the photo. Enjoy the benefits of paper-less reports, today!

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Site Plans

Send Site Plans to your Techs

Want to decrease the amount of time your technicians spend on a site and increase the quality of your service? PEST-APP enables your pest control business to use paper-less site plans. They are easy to setup and can be edited on site.  PEST-APP’s pest control software package uses site plans to instruct your technicians to the whereabouts of your on-site equipment. By doing this, your technicians will become more productive in the field and improve their professionalism. By taking out the guess work,  PEST-APP’s site plans feature is bound to improve your pest control business.

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Edit Site Plans On Site

Imagine the possibilities when your technicians have site plans to guide them using PEST-APP. We make it easy for you to keep your site plans up to date. Technicians can easily add or modify site maps by using PEST-APP’s built in site plan editor. If a client’s property doesn’t have a site plan, your technicians can easily create a site plan on their mobile device. This feature is what makes PEST-APP the best pest control software on the market today!

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PEST-APP Siteplans on iPad with a pest report

Reminder Letters

Reminder Letters in 5 Minutes

Think of how amazing it would be to send all of your reminder letters in 5 minutes. PEST-APP can do this for you! As a result, this will save you hundreds of dollars on stamps and hours in labour!  You can send out the reminder letters though e-mail or post to make sure you get as much repeat business as possible. This Feature is a must in any Pest Control Software Solution and is the secret for your growing Pest Control Business!

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Customer Retention

Do you hate doing your reminder letters every month? End the pain and make reminder letters a joy! With a few Simple clicks PEST-APP takes the pain out of doing Reminder Letters so you can get back to your Pest Control Business. Most of all this feature save you time and get you more repeat business and is a must for any Pest control Software. ITS THAT SIMPLE!

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Customer Access System

 Stop getting hassled for reports.

Imagine if your clients could log into a Secure Portal to access all of their reports without even having to call you. Wouldn’t that be nice? PEST-APP Customer Access System does just that! Most of all, this save you time in the office as clients are calling you less! This time saving feature is what will take your Pest Control Business to the next level. This feature is a must in any Pest control software package!

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Customer Portal

PEST-APP Customer Access System also allows you to have documents secured on the portal that all of your customers can see including your Insurance and MSDS Sheets or any other relevant information. Saving you time in the office!

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Trend Analysis

Are you manually recording rodent station activity and then entering them in at the office? PEST-APP Trend Analysis allows you to create useful and easy to read reports that will set you apart from the competition! As a result of tracking station activity though the bar-coder module in PEST-APP it allows us to generate these reports. Many commercial clients will thank you for using these reports is included for free with PEST-APP Bar-Coder module and is one of the only Trend analysis solution in any Pest control software package!

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Activity Reports

PEST-APP activity reports let you create colour coded activity reports of your scanned equipment to produce detailed and easy to read activity reports that your clients will love! Our activity reports help you to gain a thorough understanding of problem areas on a site and as a result you get a happier client!

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Make your Business Mobile!

Imagine a world we tech’s get there job sheets on their mobile devices with out having to drive to the office in the morning! This is all possible with PEST-APP! This feature is being used by many of our customers to save time with tech’s not having to report to the office in the mornings to get job sheets. Therefore they can start jobs sooner, fitting more in on day. This Equates to making you more money using PEST-APP.

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Access PEST-APP from anywhere!

Have you ever needed to access your work when you are not at the office? Since PEST-APP is a Secure Cloud Based Pest control software solution, you are able to access it from anywhere in the world. Unlike some of our competitors that require you to have a Dedicated Server, which limits you to just accessing it in the office. Hence with our Cloud based solution not only are you safe from loosing any data but also accessing it from anywhere!

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Integrated Accounting


It’s all built in!

PEST-APP is one of the only Pest Control Software package that has a full invoicing and debtors system built in. Imagine the time you will save not having to jump from Accounting and booking software! With PEST-APP this is a reality!
Most of all this will stop you booking jobs for suspended customer! As a result of all of your Pest Control Software data being in one location and linked – it will warn you when booking a job for a suspended customer! If you were to suspend a customer in MYOB or Xero, how is your booking system meant to know until it’s time to get paid?

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Integrates with other Accounting Programs!

We also integrate with other popular accounting solutions including, MYOB, Quickbooks and XERO!

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