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Bar Coding for your Enterprise Pest Management

Do you want to start Bar Coding for Rodent Station Monitoring?

PEST-APP Bar Coder allows you to compete with the giants when it comes to gaining  Commercial customers. Temisoft has been offering Bar Coding to Pest Management Companies for more than 15 years.

Our solution will allow you to generate Pest Activity Reports, Bar Coding and Trend Analysis.

Let PEST-APP Bar-Coder help grow your pest control business!

HACCP Certification

PEST-APP Bar Coding has been used by a number of HACCP Certified Pest Control companies to do work in HACCP environments. Through the use of various reports including Trend Analysis, Equipment Transaction Reports and Pest Activity Reports it allows you to operate in these environments.

PEST-APP Bar Coding ticks all the boxes for the HACCP software requirements.

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Bar Code Scanning on your Phone

PEST-APP brings Bar Code scanning to everyone as it is available on your Android  Phone or tablet. This includes all popular Android phones that you can think of including Samsung, Google, LG, OnePlus, Huawei or Sony. Using the camera on the phone as the Bar Code scanner to read the Bar Codes into the system.This can be a massive cost saver as no expensive equipment is required to start using the Bar Coder!

We also support ScanSku Devices

While Android Phones like Samsung, Google, LG, OnePlus, Huawei or Sony’s are great, they are do not have the same battery life or scan speed that is required when scanning 100s of bar codes are at one time. This is why we offer PEST-APP on ScanSku Devices which are rugged android tablets with integrated 1D laser scanners for all day battery life and the fastest scanning speeds.

ScanSKU Features

  • Android 9 Operating System, Unlocked, so you can run any Android apps from the Google Play Store.
  • Ergonomic hard key, keyboard, not just the touchscreen keyboard found on a smartphone
  • Multiple ‘Scan’ buttons so the user can choose which they’d prefer to use, on the front of the device and on the side.
  • Camera on rear (Great for adding photos to your reports)
  • Built-in Barcode Scanner (1D )
  • Removable Battery
  • SIM Slot (4G). The device can be used as a phone.
  • Micro SD Slot
Support for Bluetooth Scan Dongles – Symbol CS3000

We also developed support for Bluetooth scan dongles for Android. This means what ever your device you will be able to harness the speed of a laser scanner, but the convenience of using your phone. The Bluetooth scanner is fast, accurate and extremely efficient – much more efficient than the camera.

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