Customer Access Features

Customer Access Portal

Customers can access their own reports instantly without having to call the office!

Getting the reports

Allows your customers the power to access their own reports through our pest control Customer Access Portal! Saving you time, as once an Inspection using our report writer is done it can be downloaded though our secure site direct to your client!

No Need to Redesign your whole website!

With the Customer Access Portal there is no need to redesign your whole website saving you thousands! We supply you a link that you put on your website, that integrate seamlessly! Its that simple to implement PEST-APP Customer Access Portal for your customers to be able to access there own reports!

Access More then just Reports!

Imagine if your customers’ had access to all of your generic information without having to call you in the office. These could be MSDS or various insurance documents that you want to be able to all of your customers. This allows you to save money and time in the office as they are not calling up and asking for it saving you time in the office to do what you do best, running your Pest Control Business!

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Pest Control Customer portal for Commercial Pest Control
Impress Customers with by having your own Customised Customer Portal!

Easily add reports and files for your customers to see while being secure!

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