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Professional Pest Manager Magazine Dec 2016 Jan 2017
A PEST-APP for All

Business software has the ability to deliver great benefits to operations. But with the variety of business software options in the marketplace, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for your business. Even when you decide on a particular software package, you often find you may need additional software from other providers to support different parts of your business.
Temisoft is pleased to announce the arrival of PEST-APP, a new suite of industry specific software, designed to help pest management businesses of all shapes and sizes operate more efficiently, more cost-effectively, and more profitably.
PEST-APP is a web-based suite of business aids designed to optimise efficiency and profitability of pest control business by streamlining a range of routine and contingency driven tasks including; essential administration, scheduling, job management, invoicing, recording, reporting, bar coding and analysis tasks.

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A Pest-App For all - Professional Pest Manager Article

Professional Pest Manager Magazine Jun July 2015
Test drive the latest software for pest management

Temisoft, a leading provider of cloud based and mobility software in Australia has a suite of pest management applications ready for you to ‘test drive’. Whether you specialise in domestic or commercial pest management, you will find immediate benefits in ServicePRO-OnLine.

Pest management is a complex business, and finding the right software to do the right job can be a complex decision. ServicePRO-OnLine has been used by pest management firms for over 15 years, and has been used as a cloud-based system over the last eight years.

ServicePRO-OnLine offers pest managers applications for scheduling of jobs, dispatching jobs to technicians in the field, reminder letters, contract management for your recurring commercial work, and a complete set of inspection report designer and inspection report writer.

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Professional Pest Manager Magazine September 2011

Specialist pest management business software company, Temisoft, has announced that it has adapted its widely acclaimed PEST-APP service for use with Android smart phone devices.

Temisoft founder and managing director, Kevork Temisgian, said the demand for Android compatible communication software has escalated in the wake of the phenomenal uptake of smart phone technology in recent months.

“Many of our current and potential pest manager clients have recognised the tremendous  potential power, flexibility, and therefore value of Android 3G and Wi-Fi devices as alternatives to the Apple iPad systems;’ Kevork said.

“For us it made perfect sense to respond to, and meet their needs, with this new PEST-APP capability:’

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Professional Pest Manager Magazine March 2011

In all likelihood, ‘they’ would probably agree that thirteen years is a Long time in pest management. And, ‘they’ would probably be right … as ‘they’ are about many if not most things.

But thirteen years and counting is how Long it has taken one of Sydney’s more progressive pest managers to investigate, analyse, select, deploy and start to develop an internet based business and data management system.

Shane Clarke, who owns and manages Pestforce out at Round Corner in Sydney’s north west, took over the family business from his father, Max, in the early 1990s.

Today, Pestforce employs more than a dozen technicians and office staff and, as it has for more than 30 years, operates out of an aging timber framed fibro clad house in sprawling outer suburbia. ‘The biggest threat to this business is and always has been the Toss of our data base … our goldmine … from fire,” Shane said.

Today, hard copy versions of Pestforce’s customer files … documenting every inspection job and report since before 1980 … continue to take up two rooms full of filing cabinets.

Before he finally decided on a new “relatively revolutionary” data and business management system in early 2010,  Pestforce’s digital database – a supplement to his paper files – was a DOS-based spreadsheet. “The old system served us well for a Long time. We knew if we got a call from a customer we’d last serviced 20 years ago, we’d be able to dig out what ever it was we found and what we did at the time, before we went back to see them,” he said.

However, the paper and DOS-based system was becoming increasingly inefficient, fragile and risk-prone.

Since 2002,Shane had made a point of catching up with and talking to Kevork Temisgian and his Temisoft team at major pest management industry conferences around Australia. “Kevork never pushed himself or his ServicePRO software at us. He simply kept us up to speed on what they were developing,” he said.

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Professional Pest Manager Magazine January 2011

Apple’s increasingly ubiquitous iPads are set to make their mark as powerful business management tools for the pest management industry.

Using web-based communication to provide real time (do it now, see it now) functionality, these almost A4 sized ultra slim line, fingertip controlled tablets (the official description is “slates”), with their:

  • ultra high resolution displays;
  • finger powered navigation;
  • zoom-in and zoom outability; and
  • lighting fast communication speeds

… are currently being hooked up to remote servers to take reporting, scheduling,job tasking, and even pest management sales and marketing into an exciting new age of streamlined effectiveness and efficiency.

Mobile communications have come a long way in the nine years since Temisoft first unveiled hand-held personal digital assistants (PDA’s) loaded with ServicePRO software onto the fledgling computerised pest management market at AEPMA’s National Conference at Caloundra in 2002.

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Professional Pest Manager Magazine June July 2007
Magnificent Seven

Temisoft started off eleven years ago by an Armenian emigrant computer programmer and his wife. Kevork and Denise Temisgian still run the show. But they now have five more geeks to help them develop and drive their thriving service orientated business. From day one, Temisoft (the Temi from Temisgian and soft from software) set itself apart from other software developers, through Kevork’s insistence on working in partnership with his clients.
“From my background in call centre management and helpdesk software, I knew how to write software. But what good is software that fails to meet a business need? Our clients have a relationship with us based on confidence.
They tell us about their business, and their goals and aspirations. And we set out to help them make their dreams come true,” Kevork said.

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Professional Pest Manager Magazine Mar 2007
Hard nosed business relies on local software

Many people confuse the terms, “regimentation” and “discipline”‘ and tend to use one when they mean the other.
Simon Dixon, owner and technical director of Melbourne based Exopest, understands the difference and knows
which philosophy he values most highly: strive for excellence.

Exopest was formed in July 1985 when four pest managers, Simon Dixon, Laurie Again, Bob Rennie and Greg Donnison, left Antipest (formerly Rentokil) to strike out on their own. From a humble, capital starved beginning focussing on fumigation in Bertie Street, Port Melbourne, Exopest, now owned totally by Simon Dixon, has grown to now employ a staff of 18 handling commercial and domestic business right across the greater Melbourne area.

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Professional Pest Manager Magazine Oct Nov 2006
Not just what you manage, but how

When Jenny and Robert McPherson took up a franchise in the Elite Maintenance Services group in 1984, they envisaged operating a carpet drycleaning company, pure and simple.
Wrong! Today, they and their extended family run two Elite franchises: the original business at Burleigh Heads on the Queensland Gold Coast, and another based in the southern Brisbane suburb of Loganholme.

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Professional Pest Manager Magazine April / May 2010

Long time pest manager and now rodent bait station designer, Ted Herbert, reckons a major problem with  conventional rodent programs is time, or more correctly the lack of it.
“Too few pest management companies allow their technicians sufficient time to thoughtfully and carefully place bait stations and traps;· Ted said. Ted Herbert ”.And then, even worse, too little time and effort is devoted to carefully checking stations, monitoring which baits and how much bait has been taken from which stations, in
different locations, and reporting back with meaningful, analysable results of value both to the company and its
customers,” he said. In large part, rodent management time poverty is caused by technicians using outmoded, manual and hard copy based data collection and reporting. Rather than laboriously writing down observations and servicing checklists on cumbersome site maps or multiple pages of station logs and carting it all back to the office to have it copied onto or into reports, wouldn’t it be great to be able to simply point, click and send? Sounds too simple? Well, no. It’s here Already tailor-made for pest managers by Australia’s only dedicated industry  Software company, PEST-APP.COM.

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Professional Pest Manager Magazine October November 2010
New Technology Drives Efficiency

Striving for efficiency and, with it, moving towards a paperless or at least minimal paper office, has driven one of Sydney’s leading pest management companies to not just adopt but embrace new age, customised, service industry software.

Professional Pest Manager (PPM) first covered Ant-Eater Environmental Services way back in 2002 when we talked, largely, about the company’s innovative approaches to promoting professionalism and staff training.

We didn’t know it at the time, but as Ant-Eater was working on refining its  technical muscle and service delivery, it was also exploring a new approach to managing its business using digital technology.
At the core of Ant-Eater’s digital adventure,since 1999, has been ServicePRO service industry software, the brainchild of computer programmer, Kevork Temisgian. From its earliest incarnation, ServicePRO has i incorporated the key elements of pest management industry business management including job booking and scheduling, vehicle and technician tasking and routing, job quoting and costing, and report writing. Before long, it also provided a bar-code reading and report writing capability.

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Professional Pest Manager Magazine June/July 2006
Enterprise mobility comes of age

Australia’s benchmark developer and distributor of integrated business management software solutions for  Australian pest managers, Temisoft, appear set to create an information management revolution which will be
good news for pest managers, and the environment.

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Professional Pest Manager Magazine Aug/Sept 2005
Temisoft set to unveil exciting (greener) future

Australia’s benchmark developer and distributor of integrated business management software solutions for Australian pest managers, Temisoft, appear set to create an information management revolution which will be
good news for pest managers, and the environment.

Thousands of trees may be spared from being felled for paper. Millions of litres of petrol may avoid being burnt on unnecessary journeys back to base. And countless hours of pest management technicians’ time will be devoted to productive work rather than to returning to base to catch up on the

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Professional Pest Manager Magazine Feb/Mar 2003
Small businesses to benefit from EZY solutions

For many if not most small pest management businesses, shelling out thousands of dollars on computers and  computer software can often be hard to justify. On the other hand, an inability or unwillingness to invest in state-of-the-art reporting, inspection and scheduling tools can mean being left behind in the “professionalism stakes” and falling behind the competition in terms of time efficiency.

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