Site Plan Features

The PEST-APP Site plans will change the way you do jobs!

Your Site plans!

PEST-APP works with site plans that you already have! If your clients already give you site plans, then you can import them straight into PEST-APP and send them to your Android or Apple phone or tablet! Not giving tech the change to loose them, as they are safely stored in the cloud for instant access when required!

Create your own Site plans

PEST-APP allows you to create your own site plan or mud maps on your mobile Android or Apple phone or tablet on site! When site plans or mud maps are created by the technician, they are then stored and automatically send the next time a tech visits that site. This is a great reference tool when techs who have to visit the site for the 1st time.

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PEST-APP Pest Control Siteplan Samsung Tablet
Edit their Site Plans

Once you have received the site plan its great to see where everything is, but even better when you can edit them to show other techs were bait stations or rodent traps are located around the property. With PEST-APP you HAVE THE power! A tech can edit site plans or maps and then sent back to the office to be resent back next time a job is at that site with all of the modifications that have already been made.

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